One page websites to get you going fast!

Are you the type of person who has a good idea and then takes action steps to make that idea happen the next day? That’s amazing! Some people see an opportunity and jump on it. Others take their time and think about it and ask their friends and family what they should do, and then research, and then learn more about something, and then carefully begin to work toward their goal.

Both are great as long as you are taking action steps at a pace that you are comfortable with right? Well 1 page websites will work for either personality type.

1 they’re fast and easy

My favorite thing for getting an idea out there fast is free website builders. Back in the day I used Homestead, and they are actually still a thing! has an option, and there’s Weebly and Wix as well. When you have an idea that you want to try out, or a hobby that you don’t plan to do long then these options are great. Here’s a new one I just learned about recently…

Canva Websites

Here’s the good thing about Canva Websites, like I mentioned, if you’re testing a business idea, or have a hobby and need somewhere to send people who will be emailing you or want to see what you can create, a Canva website is a good option. The templates are professionally designed, and editing them is super easy.

The down side is that for a business that you plan to have for years to come, they are not the right choice. Why? Because they don’t allow you to gain Search Engine value that will build for years to come. If you only plan to drive traffic to your website by giving out a business card, or linking directly to it in your social media, then it will work wonderfully. But if you want the search engines to work for you and help people that are looking for your service or product find you, then you’ll need more that what they can provide.

How they can work for you..

So what if you have a great idea for a business and you’re ready to jump in and get it set up in a day? Great! Go to, choose a website template. Edit and update photos. Then go to our partner company and grab the domain name and privacy you want.

Now you have everything you need to build a 1 page website that you can build upon later. Purchase our One Page Website Deal, and send us the link to your Canva created website, along with your domain name info and we’ll take it from there! Your website will be ready the following week.

If you’re the slow and steady person you might take all the time you want to design and tweek your website, then when you’re ready grab the $99 deal and we’ll convert it to a WordPress website that will gain Search Engine Value for your business.